Integrate additive manufacturing effectively into your SME and save costs.

As a printing press manufacturer with over 150 years of experience, we know classic mechanical engineering inside out. As an innovation driver, we explore new paths in a focused manner in order to continuously improve our products.

We have been successfully using additive manufacturing at manroland Goss for years. This enables us, for example, to shorten delivery times, save tooling costs, and further develop old components in a customer-specific way. To express this in figures: we currently procure around 2,500 3D printed individual parts for our own presses every year.

We want to share this knowledge with you. Using "AM Design Solutions" we bundle our competences around additive manufacturing and design methods. Learn about our two new services below: 3D Scan & Reverse Engineering Solutions and our individual Training & Workshop Programme.

As your partner, we offer you practical know-how, advice on expanding your supply chain, analysis of your parts portfolio, pre-in and post-processing as well as quality assurance. Reach the next level in additive manufacturing with us!

3D Scan & Reverse Engineering Solutions –
What's it about and how do you benefit?

What are the typical problems?

Excessively long delivery times, supply bottlenecks for raw materials or high tool costs make it difficult for you to procure components.

How do we support you in your supply chain?

By digitally creating models of any component in a mechanical engineering context and sourcing 3D printed components.

How do you get a digital model from a physical component?

In the first step, we scan the relevant component and generate a digital data set for you that can be modified. In the next step, we sample this component for you in 3D printing. What is special about it? You define the technical boundary conditions by yourself!

What happens after the component has been sampled?

After approval of the sample, you are able to order the component printed in series. We support you with qualification and procurement.

Which components can be used as a basis?

Even if you have a component that shows signs of wear, we are able to digitally produce a reconstruction for you. All we need from you are the given dimensions!

How can the digital models be further used?

You are able to continue working with the data sets (.stl, .step or formats for SIEMENS NX) in your CAD system yourself or involve us for advice on procurement.

Changed over
150+ types of parts

Metal high
performance parts

Design for
Additive Manufacturing

Chemical and mechanical
material approvement

Plastic wear parts

Part to model

Design for AM
and procurement

3D Scan & Reverse Engineering Solutions - Overview

Training & Workshop Programme - make your company fit for Additive Manufacturing

What is the objective of our Training & Workshop Programme?

You want to integrate additive manufacturing into your parts procurement in a practical way? You are looking for a suitable start-up support?

In our practical Training & Workshop Programme, you and your colleagues will receive all the relevant information about industrial additive manufacturing. The special thing about it: the content is tailored precisely to your company, so that you can continue to push ahead with your first concrete 3D projects after the workshop.

Our coaches are 3D experts with practical mechanical engineering expertise: Learn from us not only the theory, but benefit from our day-to-day experience. We dive into your specific parts world with you and further develop your procurement strategy.

Who is our Training & Workshop Programme addressed to?

Our Training & Workshop Programme is aimed at decision-makers, designers, technicians or purchasers, etc. - in fact, anyone in your company who is involved in parts development or procurement in any way.

How does the Training & Workshop Programme work?

Preparation – we get to know you:
By using a checklist, we clarify your company profile, parts portfolio and sourcing strategy with you. Based on this information, we prepare your customised Training & Workshop Programme.

Crash course Industrial AM – we create the knowledge base:
In the first training, we provide you with practical knowledge for industrial additive manufacturing based on your company data. In doing so, we address currently relevant software, production and post-processing processes, standard market prices, materials, processes and design guidelines. We will also present you with a strategy for implementing the parts conversion in your company.

Workshop Part Screening – wir analysieren Ihr Teileportfolio:
Im anschließenden Workshop erarbeiten wir gemeinsam mit Ihnen die Screening-Strategie. Darauf aufbauend identifizieren wir die ersten Bauteile/-gruppen mit Einsparpotential, Performancesteigerung und/oder Reduzierung der Lieferzeit und Lagerkosten. Dazu erstellen wir mit Ihnen die Prozessketten.

AM Support – wir betreuen Sie bei Ihren ersten Schritten:
Bei bis zu drei im Workshop identifizierten Bauteilen unterstützen wir Sie auch nach dem Workshop fachlich weiter. Optional bieten wir Ihnen über unsere Lieferanten im Rahmen des Procurement Service auch die Bemusterungen an.

Typical questions that we answer?
  • What is the potential especially for my company?
  • Which materials exist, can they compete to our recent materials?
  • I don´t build spaceships, are there use cases for my products?
  • What do we need to get our designers ready for AM?
  • Which AM technology is ready for our industrial purpose?
  • Which contract manufacturers can serve my demand?
  • Which parts are suitable for AM?
  • What are typical production costs?
  • When to source in the production?
  • How about tolerances & repeatability?

Conventional production
or 3D printing


Are you interested in more information about AM DESIGN SOLUTIONS?

Please feel free to send us an email. Our AM-team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.