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Plastic has become an indispensable material for the food industry. In addition to fresh foods being wrapped in plastic for protection, a growing number of people are turning to frozen foods and convenience meals.

Rethinking packaging printing: The focus is on the VARIOMAN packaging printing solution, which is pioneering the way for the future of printing thanks to proven manroland Goss technology.

Manroland Goss hosted a very special recruiting event under the motto "Printing Industry?!? More digital than you think. - Expect the Unexpected." For several years now, the company has been a member of the regional network "Talente für die Region" (Talents for the Region), which Christian Gebler established in southern Germany. This network connects students, universities, and regional companies with each other in order to keep the young talents of tomorrow in the region. The network meeting - this time in a loungey industrial atmosphere in the assembly hall in Augsburg - gave approximately 200 guests the opportunity to see the products, services and, above all, the people behind them live.

The South Korean Hankyung Media Group, which prints "The Korea Economic Daily", is investing in a comprehensive newspaper printing project with manroland Goss. The long-established media company opted for the highest print quality, the fastest production speeds, and state-of-the-art automation.

Why is it a good idea to invest in modern newsprint equipment in times of digitization? There are several reasons, as shown by the  investment of the Offenburg publishing house reiff medien – who recently ordered a new COLORMAN e:line from manroland Goss. Print production today must meet demanding efficiency and sustainability requirements in order to survive in the media mix of the future. More than ever, printed news is expected to be as up-to-date as possible. Fully automated printing technology brings decisive advantages.

The new standard: Reducing CO2 emmisions, using less solvents and lowering power consumption. Effective environmental solutions and economical resource-saving printing are the most important factors in a modern packaging printing press.

After two successful press relocations for the Egyptian publishing and media group Nahdet Misr Publishing Group (Nahdet Misr), the bookprinting specialist is solidifying its relationship with manroland Goss in terms of maintenance and service.

Why is it profitable to rely on web offset technology in packaging printing? The challenges facing packaging printers are more demanding than ever:

The leading suppliers of control and measurement systems for web-offset printing presses, manroland Goss and QIPC-EAE, jointly announce their mutual settlement of certain disputed copyright infringement cases.

The media group Le Télégramme, based in Morlaix - Brittany (France), has decided in favour of the future-oriented technology of the COLORMAN e:line with its comprehensive automation equipment "autoprint" and placed an order with manroland Goss for two 64-page tabloid presses.