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Prensa Libre, the leading daily newspaper in Guatemala, is expanding its existing UNISET system with an additional heatset line. This is intended to improve efficiency and flexibility for the daily printing of various supplements and schoolbooks and, in the near future, also bible pages.

The newly-merged company will share commitment to united excellence in web-fed printing, mailroom, & finishing solutions with clear global advantages

At the expert panel on the subject of “Digitalisation: A lasting impulse for innovation or a threat to jobs?”, manroland Goss web systems presented its new mobile MainPad maintenance tablet. Together with the development partner XITASO, the Augsburg-based world market leader in web offset printing introduced its new product in the framework of a presentation followed by a panel discussion on 3rd September 2018.

Upgrades and retrofits from manroland Goss web systems increase production efficiency, quality and the availability of the press. The newspaper printer News Corp Australia also knows about it. At their printing site in Yandina, they have now opted for an upgrade with a gluing system from Planatol, a retrofit for the production of additional formats and an e-retrofit of the controls of the existing UNISET and REGIOMAN presses.

Forward-looking merger enables global market presence, broad product range, technological excellence, long-term comprehensive customer support, and e-business in the web-fed printing market.