Spare parts search 4.0: Identifying parts more easily with the Partium web app

More flexible – more efficient – more rapid

With the Partium web application, you can order your spare parts effortlessly. Conveniently via smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Even manroland Goss presses experience abrasion: new spare parts ensure smooth quality and productivity in your printing process. The new Partium web application from manroland Goss is our way of making complicated spare parts identification procedures easier for you.

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Easy handling

Long identification paths via catalog are a thing of the past. Photo function, smart text and parts list search and filter options make spare parts identification easier for you.

Broad operational readiness:

Our Partium app is available for smartphone, tablet and desktop, ensuring optimal flexibility.

Partium web application. What functions are there and how do they make spare parts identification easier for you?

How does semantic text search work?

By text input your searched parts can be identified more easily. For this purpose, a description of the product is quite sufficient for the text search to identify your product. In addition, numerous filter options by ID, brand name and spare part dimensions offer a quick search. In addition to filter options for the product, however, the desired machine type can also be selected. This allows you to identify the spare part you are looking for without having to know the exact product description.

How do I use the Partium image search?

The image search feature of the Partium application makes your part identification much easier. Partium recognizes the spare part you are looking for both when it is installed and when it is removed. You can then use filter options such as designation, dimensions, weight, and parts list information to ensure that your search result perfectly matches your requirements. This is how you find your desired spare part by photo.

What is the advantage of the parts list search?

With manroland Goss presses, you can also navigate to the required spare part within the press. You can use the aggregates and part numbers to get to the material numbers of the product you are looking for. Further filter options also help you here. The parts list search leads you especially fast to your goal, if you already know the machine or assembly of the spare part you are looking for.

Can I contact an expert despite using Partium?

If you are unable to identify a part, you have the option of contacting an expert. He or she will be happy to help you identify the spare part you are looking for. To do this, send up to five photos to our expert and enter additional information in the accompanying text field. Our expert will then receive your input and contact you via phone or e-mail.

How do I get access to the Partium app?

You can get your access easily and quickly using the contact form below. After you submit your data, our staff will create your access and get back to you.

Start your free demo version now:


Demo-User: manrolandgoss-demo
Demo-Password: i$0ZewDk8G

Note: The demo version only contains a selection of aggregates and material numbers.
The "Contact Expert" feature is disabled.

You do not have any parts pictures at hand? Download the manroland Goss spare parts photos shown for use in your demo version. Instructions for the demo may be found here.

You would like to register for the partium app?

Just send us your contact data. We will create an account for you.


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