Fit for the Future with a Complete Retrofit by manroland Goss web systems

El Liberal, one of the most important regional newspapers in Argentina, selects a complete retrofit by manroland Goss web systems. This forms an essential investment by El Liberal for the future and the preservation of the print edition of this newspaper. This investment enhances technical availability and the machine will be upgraded to the state-of-the-art in terms of automation. The measures taken, such as the modernisation of the control system or the installation of new drive regulators, will result in higher efficiency and fewer production interruptions.

El Liberal believes in the important advantages of a retrofit: It safeguards the machine availability of the existing system for many years to come and, as a result of the secured spare parts availability, it reduces breakdown risks as well as operating costs. Therefore, the investment was combined with a full-service package. The plant will now be completely modernised and equipped with the latest PECOM technology.  

The control system retrofit comprising the latest PLC technology will upgrade all components, such as printing unit, section, folder and drive control systems, to the state of the art. In this process, networking is of the utmost importance. The new network technology connecting the PLC and PECOM control system to a diagnostic computer (ADS) via Ethernet will ensure more powerful diagnostic options and more effective tele-support. Retrofitting of the PECOM system will ensure machine availability, while the employees appreciate the functionalities and processes making their work easier. Moreover, new functions, such as the PECOM PressManager (PPM) for prompt recording and analysing of production data, form an additional benefit. Furthermore, there is a CIP3 interface for pre-setting of colour zones which will make an essential contribution to reducing start-up waste and, as a result, production costs. 

In general, production stability will increase because of the new electronic components, high computer capacities and modern data storage via databases.

In summary, if the printing technology is to be preserved even though availability is no longer high enough – perhaps because the technology has become obsolete – and efficiency is to be increased, a retrofit by the reliable OEM business partner seems to be exactly the right choice. The retrofit at El Liberal will be completed soon.

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