LITHOMAN machine relocation for Nahdet Misr continues the success story of an intense partnership

It is already the second LITHOMAN printing system within two years which was moved to Egypt by manroland Goss. The printing press was successfully relocated and put into operation in close cooperation with the technical team of the Nahdet Misr Publishing Group (Nahdet Misr). As one of the largest book printers in Egypt, Nahdet Misr is also setting a new benchmark in the Egyptian market in terms of print quality.

  • Printing press and project management expertise at its best lead to a on time start-up despite Corona restrictions.
  • Second LITHOMAN ensures top print quality after its successful relocation, e.g. for high-quality schoolbooks.
  • The close partnership continues in January 2021, when extensive machine revisions make both presses fit for the future.

With the relocation of a 72-page LITHOMAN from Erpe Mere in Belgium to Egypt, manroland Goss equips its customer Nahdet Misr with another performance driver, currently the highest-production commercial press in the entire MENA region. This makes the Nahdet Misr Publishing Group one of the most important publishing and media groups in Egypt and the Arab world. Among other things, it stands for high-quality scientific and educational books, through which education and culture should be accessible to all sections of society. Demanding on highest quality aspects on the production results, Nahdet Misr ultimately decided to invest in a further LITHOMAN press.

High-volume meets top quality

The 72-page LITHOMAN tops the world rankings in the high-quality high-volume sector. Equipped with state-of-the-art drive technology, the press specializes in the industrial print production of magazines, catalogs and books. Since November of this year, the second printing system of this type has been providing the desired performance and quality boost for Nahdet Misr's schoolbook production.

All project management and implementation work from a single source

Perfect match in all respect: The customer's requirements for the highest printing and service quality were met by manroland Goss. "In each single project phases, we were completely satisfied with the cooperation," says Dr. Eng. Ahmed M. Ibrahim, Member of the Board of Nahdet Misr. "At every stage of the relocation, from disassembly and transport to the start of production, we knew that we were in good hands. We are very happy that we found a reliable partner for us in manroland Goss."

“Despite last year challenges, we were able to work hand in hand and in perfect harmony with manroland Goss experts in all stages of the project – meeting the very challenging start up date” says Eng. Ahmed Ahmed Abdelrazek Labana the Chief of the engineering sector at Nahdet Misr.

“Nadhet Misr management revolutionary vision and successful partnership with manroland Goss has set a new benchmark by implementing state of the art technology to meet the highest quality and productivity demand in the Egyptian printing market,” added Eng. Fathi Elkheiashy CEO Texti Company – manroland Goss partner in Egypt.

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