manroland Goss web systems: a reasonable answer to the demands of modern newspaper printing

What will the future of newspaper printing hold? The newly merged company and web offset printing market leader manroland Goss is aiming to show its customized solutions, new business models and groundbreaking strategies for modern newspaper production at World Publishing Expo (WPE) 2018.

manroland Goss has spent a lot of effort in sorting out and keeping the most reasonable products and features to fit the demands of modern effective newspaper printing. The company will share commitment to united excellence in web-fed newspaper printing, mailroom, & finishing solutions, automation and service with clear global advantages.

What does the industry need today?

One look at the international trends in the printing industry shows that all market segments are confronted with the same challenges: decreasing circulation figures, increased versioning, more individualized contents and strong regionalization and personalization of the products. These demands call for more flexibility in the production process but also for the product itself, concerning the format, paper quality, pagination, special advertising and target group specific editions and features.

Alexander Wassermann, CEO of manroland Goss web systems, is looking forward to this year’s World Publishing Expo. He expects exciting professional conversations and inspiring discussions and is looking forward to presenting the new market leading company. And he explains, “The new combined company creates a long-term business prospect, benefits from a complementary geographical market presence, leverages far-reaching synergies, and enables benefit-oriented customer solutions, especially in printing equipment and aftermarket services. With regard to newspaper printing the most common questions are: What does the industry need today? How does modern newspaper production look like? In addition, what does automation mean for newspaper printers? We would like to answer these and many other questions at the world’s biggest trade fair for newspaper printing and present our excellent product portfolio.”

The product range of excellence

The product portfolio of manroland Goss for newspaper presses does comprise all well-known and successful press lines, such as Community SSC, Magnum 4, Magnum Compact, CROMOMAN and CROMOMAN 4-1, UNISET, GEOMAN e:line and COLORMAN e:line. These presses represent the best solutions for all market demands addressing the customer’s most prominent needs. Furthermore, manroland Goss web systems, of course, will provide extensive service support for all presses installed anywhere in the world.

Today, more than ever before, manroland Goss web systems is a highly effective business partner for the printing industry and presents reliable and innovative solutions for all challenges. These solutions also include comprehensive service offers and smart solution retrofits, extraordinary automation features and upgrades as well as the further development of the existing press series and extend to completely new, flexible production models.

All manroland Goss innovations in the systems, automation and service business directly aim at reducing costs, increasing productivity and gaining production flexibility.

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