Second ‘Gipfelstürmer’ for WEISS Druck

After the overwhelming success by the first COLORMAN e:line newspaper printing system, commissioned in 2014 under the name “Gipfelstürmer” (Summiteer), WEISS Druck now order the second identical machine of this type. The highly modern newspaper printing machine series e:line of manroland Goss web systems successfully prevailed on a difficult market, for it provides immense benefits for users and is the answer for the modern, efficient and profitable newspaper printing – as proven by WEISS Druck.

What are the needs of the branch today? How develops the modern newspaper production? And what mean service and future safety for newspaper printers? The requirements of the modern, rapidly changing market demand continuity, stability and safety for the life cycles of the systems. However, they also require creative new business models. manroland Goss web systems are the powerful business partner for the printing industry and present reliable and innovative solutions to meet these challenges – as impressively proven by the e:line series.

The COLORMAN e:line from manroland Goss web systems shall help the company WEISS Druck in Monschau to deliver even more top performances in the future. The installation is the second identical COLORMAN e:line at the printing location already – this demonstrates the satisfaction of the customer, who, in this way, invests both in modern newspaper production and the potentials of the manroland Goss technology. Managing Director Georg Weiss summarizes as follows: “The outstanding performance and fascinating quality of printing have significantly contributed to the further development of newspaper printing in the company WEISS Druck. The system has provided us immense savings in setup times and misprinted paper, and completes our range of products by brilliant printing quality in coldset.”

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