Sustainability in packaging printing

The VARIOMAN machines and environmental protection go together like ink on paper.

Sustainability is the future. Only a few years ago far too few printing companies were committed to environmental protection. Now manroland Goss is conquering the future of the printing industry with the convincing concept of the VARIOMAN.

The requirements for environmentally friendly production and product packaging are constantly changing due to stricter marketing regulations. The VARIOMAN presses have been specially developed for packaging printing and are thus – in addition to the increasing variety of brands and designs as well as the strong retail competition – designed to meet new environmental and recycling requirements.

Offset technology shines with green advantages
The printing technology of the VARIOMAN is based on the offset printing process. In contrast to flexo and gravure printing, this process does not require the printing units always to be cleaned of ink, which results in significantly less ink waste. The excellent register accuracy of the VARIOMAN offset solution provides the basis for high-quality printing with standardized 6- or 7-color systems (ECG = Expanded Color Gamut). This completely eliminates ink changes and also the washing agent and ink consumption. Of Course, additionally it permits much shorter changeover times. But this is only one of the many sustainable advantages of the VARIOMAN.

Enormous savings in energy and ink costs
If you decide for a VARIOMAN with electron beam curing, you will benefit from much lower energy consumption compared to conventional hot air based drying. Next to lower power consumption you benefit from several more advantages. Thanks to the high-performance ink curing, the surface of the printed product is already scratch-resistant and glossy and often no further coating layer is required. The electron beam ink is not only inexpensive due to the higher mileage per kg, but can also remain wet in the unit. This saves the need for daily cleaning, which means less ink waste and reduced use of cleaning agents. However, the lower cleaning costs are surpassed here by another green advantage: Significantly less use of solvents. The printing ink used is even completely solvent-free.

manroland Goss is the future
With the VARIOMAN presses, manroland Goss convinces in the area of sustainability at a high level and sets a sign for a strong future.

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