Repair Solutions

Efficiency. Reliability. Quality.
These values stand for manroland Goss. And for the service we offer our customers.

Repair Solutions: We offer professional maintenance service of digipacks

Digipacks are the ink fountains of a Goss printing press. The maintenance service, that we offer to our customers in the commercial web and newspaper sector, is comparable to after-sales service for cars. A digipack needs to be serviced about once a year.

At several workstations we:

  • clean it,
  • replace the seals
  • as well as all wearing parts and
  • check the components of the serviced digipack with a final quality test.

And that process only takes one day!


In March 2020 we have started an optimization process for our maintenance service to find solutions for cost optimizations, process stability and warehousing.

And what can we say? Our project was more than successful!
We have not only increased the quality of the digipacks – they are now more stable, more effective and have a longer service life – but also improved the maintenance process: Instead of a lead time for maintenance of 1 to 3 weeks we can complete our service now within just one day.

Achieving more together. 4 you.


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