Automation with PECOM-X

PECOM-X: The umbrella brand from manroland Goss web systems combines all networking and automation functions for printing companies. PECOM-X introduces many new functions that increase the economic efficiency in the pressroom and consolidate offset and digital printing.

Optimal networking and automation based on comprehensive experience: manroland Goss web systems has pioneered complex integration solutions with PECOM for many years. The acronym PECOM stands for process, electronics, control, organization, and management, and describes the core functions of the pressroom.

Here, networking and automation have increased considerably in the pressroom. PECOM-X integrates newspaper, commercial, and digital printing applications. It links printing presses with the prepress and integrates the various finishing systems. In this way, PECOM-X forms the basis for cross-media print applications.

PECOM-X structures the entire networking and automation offer from manroland Goss web systems into clearly organized product groups for the five core competence workflow sections – from evaluation via networking and operation up to the production process and its control.

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PressMonitor is the comprehensive production monitoring and analysis system for printing companies. Automated recording of key production figures and regular reports give users a comprehensive overview of the current production process status.

PECOM-X incorporates software and hardware on five automation levels that handle all functions required for efficient print production
and finishing. autoprint is the optional package of software and hardware modules that establishes full print production automation and


manroland Goss web systems uses non-proprietary hardware. The control and drive modules are fitted in a stable design.

The operating system with ControlCenter and new features on the MobilPad and SlidePad provides a clear overview of print production. WorkflowBridge prepares digital finishing for industrial product.

The PECOM PressManager (PPM) and the new MasterQ module for digital production allow planning and implementing efficient and economical print production. This way, all the automation features can be used optimally.

manroland Goss web systems offers the highest degree of integration on the market. Part of this expertise is a quality package that includes inline control functions for ink density, color register, cutoff register, fanout, and lateral ribbon offset. A new innovation is the inline density control system for newspaper printing (IDCμ).