Commercial Retrofits & Upgrades

manroland Goss web systems offers rebuilds and upgrades for commercial equipment

When printers choose manroland Goss web systems to rebuild a press and its auxiliary equipment, they get more than enhanced press performance. They get the security that comes from knowing their investment decision will pay off. manroland Goss web systems provides cost-effective rebuild services that not only extend the life of the equipment, but helps to improve performance, helps to reduce waste and identifies obsolete components.

We aim to make waste a highly endangered species. As the fastest and most precise cut-off register control on the market in commercial printing, InlineCutoff Control dynamic is doing its part to achieve this goal.

Waste’s arch enemy? manroland Goss websystems’ IDC, IDCm, IDCµ, and ISC color control systems. With ultra-precise color control, they set benchmarks in printing quality

Web widths are looking to stay lean too. The InlineFanout Control (IFC) directly controls and regulates the elongation of the web – inline, and fully automatically. The result: unique register accuracy over the entire web width and savings on paper.

The obsolete server hardware, independent from its age, can be replaced with the latest state-of-the-art hardware, which is nowadays used in new presses. As an alternative the old vintage software can be kept in most of the cases and can be virtualized on your hardware. All interfaces that have been in place before can be maintained as well as our reporting system “PressMonitor”

Save a step? That sounds great if the workflow is prepared for it. Upgrading the plate bender makes die-cutting unnecessary and also makes your prepress future-proof.

Each component of the printing press, e.g. reelstands, printing towers and folders, are equipped with one unit controller each. The unit controllers in between each other are connected by ARCNET or Ethernet.

manroland Goss has introduced its latest Engineering/Service Program to support its customers’ efforts to continue to drive cost out of the printing process. 

Driven by progress: Replace conventional gears with electronic shaftless motor drives and prepare your printing press for machine upgrades such as integrated control systems while ensuring long-term spare parts supply.

The valve blocks of “type 03” have been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. manroland Goss websystems has developed a retrofit where the discontinued valve blocks can be replaced by “state-of-the-art” valve blocks.

Protect Your VPN Security with the Latest Upgrade From the manroland Goss Engineering Solutions Group.