Newspaper Retrofits & Upgrades

manroland Goss web systems offers rebuilds and upgrades for newspaper equipment

When printers choose manroland Goss web systems to rebuild a press and its auxiliary equipment, they get more than enhanced press performance. They get the security that comes from knowing their investment decision will pay off. manroland Goss web systems provides cost-effective rebuild services that not only extend the life of the equipment, but helps to improve performance, helps to reduce waste and identifies obsolete components.

The air bustle device (ABD) is an effective way to control fan-out and maintain consistent high quality print quality on lighter weight substrates.

Tungsten cobalt plasma spray coated RTF filler segments offer many advantages over traditional hardened steel segments.

As one of the main components of the press it is important to keep the Control Desk up and running all the time. The Control Desk Retrofit from manroland Goss replaces the obsolete server hardware with state-of-the-art servers. All servers can either be replaced with OEM hardware or be virtualized on your existing hardware. Note: Since 2018 the user interface of the Control Desk can also be updated to the latest Control Center surface.

Upgrading to an AC motor from DC for the fountain roller provides the benefits of smoother operation, less maintenance, and extended machine lifetime.

Independ if DC-drives from Siemens have been installed on shafted presses or AC-Drives from Baumüller have been installed in shaftless presses, manroland Goss is offering you a wide program of phased retrofits. 

The manroland Goss upgrade strategy provides for an efficient transition to the new drive system with minimal interruption to daily production. By pre-assembling many of the main components, much of the new system installation can be completed while the existing hardware is still in use.

This enhancement provides automatic greasing for the folder cams, eliminating the risk of human error and costly damage to a critical part of the press.

This upgrade replaces the brushes on the folding cylinder with a running belt assembly, leading to an improvement in signature tail stability and control, and the second fold quality.

The spider is a vital part of the folding cylinder, but like any moving mechanism it may wear out as your press ages. 

The benefits of former nose slitting have long been appreciated, and this latest design builds on our experience and latest technology to provide a system that is easy to retrofit, operate and maintain.

This upgrade utilizes the console from the newest version of our control system, Omnicon, and makes it available as an enhancement to all previous press models.

Customers looking to rebuild or upgrade their old ink fountains or digital ink packs now have a better choice. OmniFlow is a precision ink delivery system that outperforms other open ink fountains and ink pumping equipment.

View detailed job information with the new manroland Goss OmniX reporting application.


This upgrade enables perfect adjustment of the cylinder meaning elimination of pin tares and folding cylinder web tension distortion.

This enhancement enables the operator to make quicker, more accurate lap adjustments due to being able to adjust on the run.

The obsolete server hardware, independent from its age, can be replaced with the latest state-of-the-art hardware, which is nowadays used in new presses. As an alternative the old vintage software can be kept in most of the cases and can be virtualized on your hardware. All interfaces that have been in place before can be maintained as well as our reporting system “PressMonitor”

The PressMonitor from manroland Goss web systems can be used to get a huge load of information out of the daily production. Each person in the print facility has a different interest in figures to improve the daily business. 

Each component of the printing press, e.g. reelstands, printing towers and folders, are equipped with one unit controller each. The unit controllers in between each other are connected by ARCNET or Ethernet.

Worn blanket and plate cylinder and bores can dramatically affect the performance of the press and quality of the printed product.

manroland Goss has introduced its latest Engineering/Service Program to support its customers’ efforts to continue to drive cost out of the printing process. 

The addition of a quarter folder brings more options to printers aiming to grow their business.

Over the years a print site has to face more and more difficulties in their daily business. With a reconfiguration of the existing printing press your printing press can be realigned to the needs of today.

This upgrade combines a fully enhanced control upgrade with the added benefit of an AC drive upgrade to replace obsolete components. It is equipped with a fully interactive operator screen and maintenance diagnostic functions.

The remote inking system with segmented blades and swing-down ink fountains replaces the fixed or drop down ink lever style fountains.


Ink uniformity and fine control across the web can be easily achieved using the segmented blade system.

Protect Your VPN Security with the Latest Upgrade From the manroland Goss Engineering Solutions Group.

This enhancement includes web protection features such as web severers, non-contact detectors, web guides and additional guarding.

Solution to replace obsolete Lehner camera web break detection system on manroland Goss web catchers.