Automation with autoprint

PECOM-X incorporates software and hardware on five automation levels that handle all functions required for efficient print production and finishing. autoprint is the optional package of software and hardware modules that establishes full print production automation and networking.

  • Function-based automation: The press system is fully automated and the press operator controls the process, ensuring its quality. With the new operating concept and the fully automatic plate and reel handling, manroland Goss web systems comes closer to this aim than any of its competitors.
  • Plate handling: AutomaticPlateLoading (APL) and APL logistics are basic modules for autoprint systems. They automate the plate change and transport into the press and thus the job change for newspaper products.
  • Reel handling: AUROSYS handles the entire materials logistics, from the fully automatic unloading of paper reels off trucks to completely automated printing preparation.
  • Upgrade: autoprint is a forward-compatible system. The modular structure is open to upgrades, as well as new developments and requirements. This safeguards customer investments and creates flexibility for new business models.
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