Control system retrofit


Take control of your profit zone. A control retrofit increases production efficiency by substantially improving system availability and system communication. Our retrofit portfolio ranges from in-house to third-party control systems.

One more advantage of control retrofits are the low lifecycle costs, since, after the retrofit, the software architecture on the controls is ready for the latest technological developments. The controls are connected to the diagnostics computer (ADS/ACS) via Ethernet, enabling high-performance remote service from the TeleSupportCenter. 

By virtualizing the S5 manroland Goss web systems achieves short conversion times when retrofitting your controls and the planned production process is barely affected since there are so few program changes.

A retrofit with the latest hardware ensures long-term spare parts availability. Components-off-the-shelf (COTS) can be used, which manroland Goss web systems specifies and tests comprehensively.


  • Increased system availability through new or functionally identical spare parts
  • Open software architecture following cost-effective conversion
  • Basis for functional extensions such as integrated control systems
  • High-performance remote access as the basis for TeleSupportCenter services
  • Retrofit to manufacturer-independent hardware – components-off-the-shelf (COTS)
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