Flexible digital print finishing solution for newspapers, commercials and direct mailings.

The fully-automatic, multivariable pin-type folder FoldLine from manroland Goss web systems is the optimal finishing tool for newspaper production in digital production environments. It provides the possibility to produce broadsheet and tabloid newspapers in long-grain and short-grain format with different structures, and ensures maximum utilization of the advantages of digital printing for newspaper and commercial printing.

Features & Advantages

Application flexibility

  • Newspaper production: all common Broadsheet & Tabloid formats
  • Semi-commercial production: cylinder-stitched booklets or inserts


  • 45 – 80 gsm (for newspaper production)
  • Option: 45 – 135 gsm (with cross perforation)
  • Minimum page format: 152 x 210 mm (6 x 8 inch)
  • Maximum page format: 580 x 400 mm (23 x 16 inch)  

Production speed

  • 150 m/min (2,5 m/s) up to 300 m/min (5 m/s)

Web width available

  • 20” – 30” – 42” with additional web guiding components, also beyond 
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