Circumferential Register Motor Upgrade


manroland Goss has developed an upgrade to address ICLA circumferential register motor obsolescence. Using the most current technology, this upgrade system includes FlexiDrive MSIA 42, motors and limit switches, required mechanical and electrical mounting components, and wiring.

The upgrade applies to the circumferential register for M600 units. Upper and Lower motors within a printing unit must be converted, however it is not necessary to upgrade all print units.


  • Eliminates obsolescence and protects your production
  • Readily available active technology extends functional life of your manroland Goss equipment
  • Matches original manroland Goss design and performance specifications
  • Provides a better surrounding atmosphere strength 


  • Complete print unit must be converted
  • Latest press system running PLC code must be provided to manroland Goss Engineering prior shipment.
  • Installation and commissioning by manroland Goss trained technicians


  • manroland Goss M600 Print Units manufactured 2005-2010
  • Machine Numbers MC-Y0460 to MCY0607
  • And the 2004 MC-Y0444
  • Not applicable to the MC-Y0572, MCY0578, MC-Y586, and MC-Y0597
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