InlineCutoff Control dynamic


We aim to make waste a highly endangered species. As the fastest and most precise cut-off register control on the market in commercial printing, InlineCutoff Control dynamic is doing its part to achieve this goal. It performs a precise follow-up on each copy, based on the individual product.

The result: enormous savings in paper volumes.

InlineCutoff Control ensures ultimate folding accuracy and excellent product quality. An additional smart camera in the folder entry ensures highly dynamic control of deviations in the cut-off register. This is realized by adjusting the position of the folding drives. Waste can also be reduced considerably after downtimes for ramping up, reel changes and blanket washing: ideally up to 50% compared to conventional control via mechanical cut-off compensation options.

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Product highlights

  • Unique, patented product with unique performance: The world’s fastest and most accurate cut-off register control
  • Deterministic waste saving every reel change, blanket washing and start-up/press speed change
  • Predictable and reliable waste savings up to 450 copies per hour
  • Reduced consumption of consumables and energy
  • Each printed sheet is controlled at a measurement frequency of 20 Hz and production runs are optimized
  • An InlineCuttoff Control dynamic retrofit significantly boosts quality and performance

Strategic benefits

  • Save investment thanks to clear commitment of manroland Goss to the print industry and long term partnership
  • Interesting pricing and financing models to enable necessary or reasonable investments in challenging times
  • Realistic amortization time below 18 months possible

Enormous potential for waste savings

The following diagram shows the significant waste savings potential based on a running press line of one of our customers where the ICCd system has been successfully installed. In this case the printing press is a LITHOMAN with folder type over 48 pages.

ICCd by manroland Goss

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