InlineDensity Control


Waste’s arch enemy? manroland Goss web systems’ IDC, IDCm, IDCµ, and ISC color control systems. With ultra-precise color control, they set benchmarks in printing quality.

Color control in commercial printing is realized by the InlineDensity Control (IDC) with standardized densitometry based on a print control strip. All measurement fields are captured simultaneously. IDCm presents price-conscious customers with a traversing color control system with exceptionally high performance. Optionally available for IDC and IDCm, the ISC offers ultra-precise, temp-eraturestabilized full spectral measurement which forms the basis for powerful control functions.

IDCµ is a uniquely robust and durable color control for newspaper printing. Micro marks are placed inconspicuously in the pin area and measured. The precision and evenness of the ink metering far surpass systems that measure in the image.

All control systems can be fully integrated into existing controls environments ensuring efficient operation. Customers with an existing service contract benefit from free 24/7 support, cutting overall operating costs.


  • Fastest color control systems on the market
  • Reduced waste and increased quality
  • Fully automated, can be integrated into existing controls systems for minimum operating effort
  • Standardized densitometry and optional full spectral measurement
  • High-performance process and quality analysis tools in a client/server architecture
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