InlineFanout Control


Web widths are looking to stay lean too. InlineFanout Control (IFC) directly controls and regulates the elongation of the web – inline, and fully automatically. The result: unique register accuracy over the entire web width and savings on paper.

InlineFanout Control (IFC) measures the fanout effect with additional color register marks that are distributed across the entire web. One unique feature is the non-contact image correction rollers, which, unlike in other systems, are arranged on both sides of the web. IFC not only lifts the web, but bends the paper into a defined sinus curve before the printing nip. This enables precise correction of the paper web width across a large adjustment range.

IFC is available for newspaper and commercial web presses. For the latter, an automatic diagonal register control is available as an optional extension.


  • Increased printing quality thanks to unique register accuracy
  • Significant decrease in costs due to less waste
  • Automation and full integration into existing controls systems decreases employee workloads
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