Narrow Web Oiler System


The narrow web oiling system is an enhancement to current manroland Goss press systems and applicable to many other manroland Goss models (upon review). This system coats the rollers with oil in the non-image area, preventing the build-up of ink, and associated problems with slinging, heat buildup, and roller damage that occur when running narrow webs on the wider presses.


  • Floor space for pumping station (110V or 220V available)
  • Cross bar mounted adjacent to a designated ingoing nip in the upper inker
  • Oil is transferred to the lower inker by the plate/blanket cylinders with the aid of mourning bands
  • Dispensed oil volume based on impressions count and controlled by either integrated or non-integrated press controls
  • Available for web widths of 38-75 inches (965-1905 mm)


  • Self-contained stand with pump, tank, and filter
  • Mounting bar provides easy adjustment of delivery tubes


  • Reduced heat and ink build-up on roller edges
  • Reduced incidence of damaged rollers
  • Cleaner operation
  • Reduced maintenance
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