PECOM system retrofit


A PECOM system retrotfit ensures the availability of your press. Employees appreciate the familiar structures of the PECOM-X Press Manager (PPM) and the control console based on the new PECOM-X concept.

With state-of-the-art hardware, it is also easy to keep software up to date. manroland Goss web systems recommends proactively replacing the control console and the PPM hardware in stages. A simultaneous software update optimizes the functions in the PECOM-X PressManager (PPM) for the planning, recording, and evaluation of production processes. Integration of Inline Control systems is just as simple. Further options such as PressMonitor and WasteGate Control can also be implemented.

Production stability increases thanks to the use of ultra-reliable components, high computer performance, modern data storage and the master/slave concept, which enables a quick and reliable switch to the back-up control console via USB dongle.


  • Press availability ensured
  • Reliable production thanks to PECOM-X PressManager (PPM)
  • Future-proof master/slave concept for ControlConsole system
  • Option to integrate PressMonitor and WasteGate Control
  • Effortless integration of Inline Control Systems
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