PIV gear retrofit


Driven by progress: Replace conventional PIV gears with electronic shaftless motor drives and prepare your printing press for machine upgrades such as integrated control systems while ensuring long-term spare parts supply. 

Replacing an existing PIV gear with an electronic shaftless motor increases the production stability of your printing press. manroland Goss web systems installed PIV (positive infinitely variable) gears until 2004 as a means of mechanical web tension control. As a mechanical part, the PIV gear is susceptible to wear and causes major web tension issues in the event of a failure, or even a press standstill. 

Spare parts supply for PIV gears is becoming ever more difficult, a problem you don’t have to worry about in the future. With a conversion to shaftless drives, your printing press is well-prepared for the future.


  • Web tension control with maximum dynamics and precision
  • Preparation of machine upgrades, e.g. with InlineCutoff Control dynamic (ICCd)
  • No repeat mechanical maintenance required
  • Future-proof spare part supply
  • Support from the TeleSupportCenter (TSC) possible
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