Planning / Networking

The PECOM PressManager (PPM) and the new MasterQ module for digital production allow planning and implementing efficient and economical print production. This way, all the automation features can be used optimally

  • PPM: the basis for all autoprint functions. The software module consolidates all the data and improves press availability via production planning. This saves precious time and ensures seamless, automatic production changes. The PECOM PressManager prepares standard products virtually automatically. Nonetheless, for non-standard cases, the system also provides complete freedom and flexibility for manual planning at the desired level. The planning includes variable page widths, a variety of center spread pages, plate screen calculations, and printing quality.
  • MasterQ: ensures efficient digital printing production. This is accomplished by automatic job sorting. The optimal production sequence is determined for incoming orders, e.g. via the printing company´s website, even for several different production modules. MasterQ acts as the connection between MIS systems, prepress, or web2print applications and the printing system and finishing.
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