Plate bender upgrade


Save a step? That sounds great if the workflow is prepared for it. Upgrading the plate bender makes die-cutting unnecessary and also makes your prepress future-proof.

Save time and increase quality: With a plate bender upgrade, you keep pace with continually advancing prepress technology. To start with, a preventive control conversion should be considered and individually tailored to your system. 

Converting the plate bender to external system is the second possible step.

Modern CTP technology (computer to plate) renders plate die-cutting redundant. Converting your plate bender to external contact also allows you to save this step. Following the workflow, the contact points during plate bending correspond to those of the plate exposure unit, increasing register accuracy and printing quality.


  • Production stability thanks to spare part availability
  • Conversion to external system
  • Increased register accuracy
  • One step fewer, since die-cutting is no longer required
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