Productivity Improvement Team Project


manroland Goss has introduced its latest Engineering/Service Program to support its customers’ efforts to continue to drive cost out of the printing process. The new program is designed to focus on all aspects of the process and customized to each printer’s specific needs.

manroland Goss kicked off the new program recently with an existing Sunday Press user focusing on reduction of make-ready time and waste. The efforts resulted in a 17% make ready waste reduction and reduced make-ready time by 26%. Depending on market and press format, these types of improvements can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings or significant additional capacity.

To achieve these reductions, the manroland Goss team worked with the printer to identify several key areas in the make-ready process to target. From there, existing systems were
optimized through software improvements, training and new features.

An additional, unplanned benefit was also achieved as a result of the manroland Goss team efforts. While studying the existing operation, modifications were made to reduce
blanket wash by 21%.

In a second case, with another Sunday Press user, the manroland Goss Prepress Interface was installed to replace an older system. After training and optimization, the printer has
reported a 40% savings in make ready waste. Additional upgrades are now under consideration for added waste reduction and performance improvement.

manroland Goss has identified this cost reduction and productivity enhancement program as a key service to offer its customers. As the program expands not only will there be a focus on optimizing existing systems, but new products are in development to further drive cost improvements in all aspects of the printing process.

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