Retrofit precision gearboxes



From 1985 to approx. 2004, many of our printing systems for the mechanical control of web tension were equipped with fine control gears.
Although these gears are considered robust, they have exceeded their expected service life due to their often considerable operating hours.
The result is slow or even spontaneous failure, which has led to machine downtime in the past.
In order to prevent this, our customers are increasingly deciding to replace their precision gearboxes with electronic single motor technology.

With this measure, our customers have made a future-oriented decision, both with regard to increase the production reliability of their printing press and in a targeted investment for future press upgrades such as integrated control systems.
Additionally, the conversion to electronic single motor technology guarantees a long-term supply of spare parts.


  • Increase in production reliability
  • Web tension control with maximum dynamics and precision
  • Preparation of machine upgrades, e.g. with InlineCutoff Control dynamic (ICCd)
  • Future-proof spare part supply
  • Support from the TeleSupportCenter (TSC) possible

Furthermore, manroland Goss makes it possible to recondition the older precision gearboxes or replace them with new ones.

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