Web Catcher Lehner Camera Replacement


Solution to replace obsolete Lehner camera web break detection system on manroland Goss web catchers. Existing Lehner camera is no longer available as a replacement part for manroland Goss web catcher systems. Camera can now be replaced with a new web break system located on the exit of the web catcher. The new fast acting system is based on background suppression sensor technology that will detect web breaks in the dryer of the press. The new web sensors are fully integrated into the web catcher press controls. The solution is compatible with all “color control device” in place on the press.


Replaces obsolete camera systems with up to date sensor technology, helping to avoid costly wrap ups in the print unit cylinders.


All manroland Goss web catchers installed on M600, S4000, S2000, M850, M3000 presses that do not have Ecocool drying systems. Presses mostly produced between 1998 and 2004 might be affected by this obsolescence issue.

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