Tele Support Center (TSC)

Your hotline for quick assistance. Available around the clock worldwide.

A TelePresence contract from manroland Goss web systems offers optimal production reliability. As a strong partner in the printing industry, we assure you of quick assistance over the phone or online.

manroland Goss web systems’ printing presses stand for maximum availability and reliability. If a malfunction does occur, the TeleSupportCenter provides quick assistance. Our specialists support you in troubleshooting and fault correction by phone 24 hours a day,     7 days a week.

With more complex malfunctions, TelePresence establishes an online connection to your printing press. Direct troubleshooting means production can be continued quickly, without losing precious time. What’s more, travel costs for a service technician are eliminated.       The TelePresence contract is truly worth the money.

It‘s your choice

Every printing house is unique and has individual needs. This is why we offer various contract options that can be adjusted to the specific circumstances of your printshop.
With a comprehensive TelePresence contract from manroland Goss web systems, your production is covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our standard contract includes all necessary services – your all-round carefree package at an attractive at rate.

We offer quick assistance and minimal handling effort at attractive terms. As an option, you can also receive a CaseReport with the complete documentation of the history for every malfunction case. With a Call by Call individual contract, each malfunction case is ordered and invoiced separately as an individual order. To minimize processing times and provide quick ordering for your employees, we offer a Call by Call framework agreement. The contract defines the general framework so that our services can be processed without any further administrative effort. 

Be on the safe side with our TelePresence services

  • TeleSupport: The telephone hotline enables quick troubleshooting and fault correction so you can continue production in no time
  • TeleInspection: With more complex malfunctions, we establish an online connection to access your printing system directly and provide you with quick assistance
  • TeleLink: To ensure access to your printing system in case of a malfunction, we regularly check the online connection to your press. This provides you with the certainty you need for emergencies
  • CaseReport: You receive chronological documentation, from the time you report the error, to the solution. When opening a case, you receive a detailed description of the malfunction via e-mail. After the case is closed, you get the complete case history. This allows you to keep everything under control
  • Performance Approval: You receive an evaluation of the contractually agreed response times. The recording and processing of your individual TSC case is documented
  • Third-party aggregate support: With our years of experience, we can solve even these issues in many cases. With more complex malfunctions, the sub supplier’s service unit is actively involved

Customized support for webfed printing systems:

  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • TeleSupportCenter-Hotline: +49 (0)821 424-41 00
  • TeleLink ensures that your online connection is up and running
  • Quick problem solving – resulting in short downtimes and a fast return to production
  • Travel costs for a service technician are eliminated
  • Comprehensive know-how covering all technical areas
  • Qualified technicians with extensive knowledge of the installed printing systems, gained from multiple startup and service assignments, are available to help
  • Expert consultation provides you with the support you need to help yourself
  • All recorded TSC cases are tracked systematically and continually until the final solution is found
  • If necessary, the sub suppliers service unit is actively involved